Ever wondered what the first time to Cozumel would be like.  I did myself in '95, but was not let down.  I have also received a message from someone that recently went their the first time (winter 1999):

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Wow! Everything you said was true. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Our group, Sportcove, stayed at the Galapagos Inn or Scuba Club, as it is now being called. I had only just recently certified so this was my first opportunity to dive in the ocean as well as my first dive after certification. Remember that?

I was nervous about the ocean waves. The dive boat was very large, and I felt completely safe, but when it came time to jump in, my stomach gave a little flip flop. I just close my eyes and went for it. Our group had an odd number divers so I was in a threesome. My dive partners were old pros. One was a Rescue Diver and logged his 180th dive on the trip. The other one was a Master Instructor, who said he quit logging at 10,000 dives. I was pretty safe I'd say. When we got down the first time, I was in wondrous awe at the beauty. I forgot about the fear of being so far under. You were right about the magnitude of the ocean. We dove in various places: Chankanaab Reef, Tormentos, The Bricks (Pinnacles), Paradise, and the Santa Rosa Wall. I think the last was my favorite. The contrast of the wall and the vast navy space was unbelievable. When I had almost used all my air, I told my buddy that I was sad to finish and go up. He shared his air and I was able to stay under for another few minutes. Swimming through the caves and caverns was really interesting, too. I learned so many names of new things. Of course my buddies had to tease me, saying they had to spend their diving time writing on their slates - teaching me all. They had been there several times before and I think they enjoyed helping and teaching a novice. I was in a rented BC. I won't do that again. It was a little too big. The first two dives I was so sacred to jump in that I inflated the BC before jumping in. Of course when I let all the air out to go down, the BC became way too big. On the second dive, it was soooo big that it kept sliding off my left shoulder. I had to be put back together again, down under. Now I know how to prevent that problem. I want to buy all my own equipment before I go again. I know I will feel much more comfortable. I passed the advanced class while I was there. The night dive was very frightening. I didn't realize I was scared of the dark... I think I'll stick to day dives for a while.

The town was in preparation for the Carnival. Everything was decorated, "Alegre", and had a very high energy level. I tried Churros and thought of you. I also went to the museum. I spent some time there. A Mayan guide taught me the Mayan numbering system. That was very interesting. I also went out to the San Gervasio ruins where the temple of the goddess Ixchel is.

San Gervasio ruins

I spent a couple of hours walking there. It sure had a different feel than some of the other ruins I've seen. There was much more peace and tranquillity there than other places. Must be because she is a goddess instead of a god. haha.

On the last day we went to the Chankanaab Park. We dove from the beach there. A cold front was coming and the wind and waves were very strong. The caves were interesting. The more experienced divers said that in the years before, they had been allowed to go all through the caves. Now you can only go in a little way. My buddy brought a kind of sonar device that beeped under water. He would tie it in different places, and we would have to try to find it.

That was fun. By 11:00 am, when we had to get out, the beach was very crowded. It really made me appreciate the place where we stayed. It was so open and had few people. I watched the dolphins. I saw a young girl who appeared to have CP walked down the stairs and enter the water to swim with a dolphin. I understand that they really are healing. I wished I could understand better their abilities. I was dying to ask the young girl and her teacher. I think I'll do some reading on them.

The morning we left all ports were closed, the storm had arrived, and the divers were sitting around hoping it would pass. I felt sorry that they would miss the morning. I was grateful that the weather had been perfect while we were there. Well, I guess I've rattled enough...Thanks for the ear. I just wanted to share a little of my experience with you.

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